Stay ahead in the Web Hosting Business in 2015

The web hosting segment is getting more and more competitive, with presence of small as well as big players. The competition includes local web hosting providers to global web hosting providers like Hostgator, Godaddy, etc. And all of them provide almost same features at almost same prices. So what are the differentiators, the factors that can put 1 web hosting provider ahead of others.

First of all, It is important for a web hosting company to understand that their customer base can include naïve users or beginners as well as the experts. So, their features, interface etc. should be suitable to use for everyone.

Here are some of the points that a web hosting company should focus on:

  1. Use minimum jargons: Make your web hosting interface easier enough to be used by starters.
  2. Quick TAT for Customer Queries: Web hosting is critical for customer’s success in terms of online presence, so any issue they face should be resolved immediately.
  3. Keep your Knowledge Base and other Self Help articles upto date and try to include all frequent issues that customer can face. Another better way is to provide Video Tutorials and Screenshot based articles.
  4. If operating on global level, you have data centers at multiple locations for faster content delivery, making the hosted websites, portals and web based applications load faster at visitor’s end.
  5. Have good reviews on all media channels like Youtube, reddit, Facebook and more. A good example is this review of siteground who have managed to maintain good reviews like you see here:
  6. Keep your hardware and scripts updated
  7. Keep flexible package and pricing options: Freedom to upgrade/downgrade package, and monthly payment options can be a plus to attract more customers.
  8. Discussion Forums: Provide your customers with a platform to discuss their issues, and resolve them with each other’s help. Also, hosting provider should also strictly participate in each of the discussions to win customer confidence.
  9. Go Out of the Way: Sometimes your customer support have to go out of the way to resolve customer problem, and believe me it leaves an everlasting impression on customer, and he will be loyal to you forever. For example, if one of the customer is facing an issue installing a script your customer care executives can help them by doing it all by themselves through remote access, etc. Hence you have solved a big customer problem, but win his loyalty forever.
  10. Keep strict vigil on server activity: Keep an eye on malicious activities, spams, server loads, etc, so that you are already prepared to minimize server downtime.
  11. Attractive Reseller Plans: Resellers are one of the best ways to capture more market share. Target freelance web designers, application developers, etc. to resell your hosting against good commission.
  12. Keep Communicating: Keep in touch with your customers, asking for their feedback and how they feel about your service. Keep them informed about their renewal date, if they are running out of space or bandwidth and need to upgrade.

The idea is to just keep it focused around your customers and the technology. And you can go places with your web hosting business.


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