Review: DigitalOcean’s Hosting

DO2There are a lot of webhosting providers available out there, most of them offers similar services such as unlimited everything; bandwidth, domains, subdomains and will charge you excessively without you knowing it.

In my opinion, if you are really serious in getting a provider in your site and you don’t want to be stressed with all the inefficiency like down times, cPanel errors and etc., you have to choose the best hosting provider carefully. Moreover, if you want to have a full management control over your website server, installing applications, and site modification, you should find a company which provides better VPS packages.

Even with Virtual Private Servers Plans, there are still a lot of hosting companies who claims that they have the best VPS services, make sure to choose the ones who can provide your hosting needs. For the past months, I have been enjoying the VPS features of Digital Ocean. They may be new in the business industry, but they already proved their worth.


Digital Ocean’s smallest package offers you a 1 terabyte transfer, which is I think is incredible. Each virtual servers or droplet as what they refer to is connected to a 1 gigabyte per channel and is enough for almost everything.


As of writing, the company offers a starting price of five dollar per month of VPS plans with inclusions of 20 gigabytes of disk space, 512 RAM and 1 terabyte transfer. They are also offering huge discount you just have to find the best digital ocean enter promo code.


Disk Space

Starting price of $5 a month, users can get a 20 gig of disk space. The good thing about this offer is its speed and consistency.


Relating and comparing hosting features is not good, but in this review, I think it is better to compare than be sorry in the long run. In my opinion, other hosting companies can provide VPS servers, but they cannot compete with the performance of Digital Ocean’s VPS plans.

In terms of speed and security, Digital Ocean is far better than the others. That is why I highly recommend their services for your website.

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