InMotion Web Hosting Review

im4InMotion Hosting Company is a web-hosting and employee owned company that was founded in 2001. The company’s web hosting network is based on both Linux and UNIX operating systems that is located in California and Virginia. In this article, we will talk about the features, services and advantages of InMotion web hosting company.

Many people like their hosting services. In fact, most well-known businesses in America recommend InMotion web hosting company.

What to like about InMotion?

InMotion offers the longest money back guarantee of 90 days period.  Watch this video about InMotion Web hosting review if you want to know more about the hosting company.

They also have the best shared web hosting plans under business hosting called: Launch, Power, and Pro Shared Hosting Plans.

Pricing list:

Business Hosting Plans


  • Launch – $4.89
  • Power – $6.29
  • Pro – $10.49

VPS Hosting Plans


  • VPS 1000s – $29.99
  • VPS 2000s – $49.99
  • VPS 3000s – $74.99

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans


  • Essential – $119.99
  • Advanced – $159.99
  • Elite – $229.99

Reseller Hosting Plans


  • R-1000s – $13.99
  • R-2000s – $19.99
  • R-3000s – $27.49

Customer Service

I had the chance to speak with their customer since I want to know how to activate my account with them. To my surprise, the waiting time did not take too long. They immediately provided solutions to my concerns. It is safe to say that their customer representatives were attentive, smart, and helpful.

Few months after activation, I had to speak with their customer representative again related to their cPanel service. However, I decided to use their live chat to know how they deliver support through chat. The initial conversation was okay, but some of their replies were not helpful at all. I believe their chat supports were still adjusting at that time.

Even though the live chat didn’t go well, I still believe that they have an amazing customer support service that is always ready to provide solutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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