Adobe Lightroom Review

LR6If you are planning to expand and build an online shop for your photography career, the best way to start it is to own a photo editing tool like Adobe Lightroom to help you organize, modify and manage your images. It is the one of the most famous post processing programs available in the industry. Moreover, there are a lot of presets available in the market that is compatible with Lightroom.


In 2006, Adobe System released their new post processing tool called Lightroom. The company decide to create this new program to help photographers speed up their editing workload. Lightroom went through a lot of obstacles before reaching its popularity. After several updates and bug fixes, Lightroom now runs the stable version 6.3.

Installation and Activation

Adobe Lightroom presets from Sleeklens installion process is easier than ever. On the other hand, after installing and activating your presets.

After installing the presets, you can see the two added menus in the develop module panel located on the left hand navigation. The presets menu provides various options for organizing your images and other significant files.

  • Settings

Lightroom settings allows you to manage and control your files effectively. You can edit and update image information by adding metadata or keywords such as country, date modified, file name and etc. It also allows you to customize your images by applying default presets. For more information, check more Adobe Lightroom presets at
For a walkthrough on the installation, watch the video below.


Generally, I think Lightroom is the perfect photo editing tool in the market today. It definitely offers a lot of exciting and useful features. In addition, the program is very easy to use making it more convenient to modify hundreds or even thousands of images.

Overall, I think Lightroom is an extremely solid photo editing and management tool. It has a wealth of standard features and is fairly straight forward to setup, no matter whether you’re using a free Lightroom preset or photoshop actions free.

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