January, 2016

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The Complete Process of Syncing Lightroom Mobile with Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom’s “Lightroom mobile” application is currently offering a service which has the ability to sync edited presets and images to other devices. In this article, we will give you an idea about the complete process of syncing Lightroom mobile application with CC. Moreover, we will teach you how to make a collection on your Lightroom CC and sync it in the mobile version.

PA1When creating a collection for the first time in Lightroom mobile, you have to import images straight from your smartphones or mobile devices such iPads, tablets and etc.

You can also rename the collection in the mobile version by simply tapping the three white dots located in the left side corner of the image. These dots will reveal a list of useful options which includes renaming a collection name.

However, before you can actually sync photos to and from your Lightroom mobile application, you need to create a collection that will help you organize and modify the easiest way. Here are the complete process on how to create and sync images to your Lightroom mobile app.

Make a New Collection

In Adobe Lightroom, simply go to the collections panel and select the plus (+) icon. Click on the “create collection” from the options menu.

Add Created Folder to Target Collection

Basically, your newly created collection has no files or images at all. However, you can import presets or your other Landscape Photoshop actions images straight from your library module panel. Once you’re done importing images, you can now add the folder to the target collection in Lightroom.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Synchronize Collection Folder

Select the label of your collection in the Collection panel to see the content of it, then directly sync the collection to your Lightroom mobile application. After synching the collection, open Lightroom mobile on your iPad, tablet or smartphones.

Modifying Thumbnails

If you’re not satisfied with the default sizes of your LR mobile thumbnails, you can resize it in the collections panel by pinching the image using your fingers to enlarge or shrink the images.