August, 2015

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Make It Easy With DreamHost

pbn20Most of us know that DreamHost hosting company promised us with an uptime server record of 100 percent, which is basically a good promise since we need something that is fast and consistent to make our website running.

The company has gone through a lot of major issues such as the 2 power outages and server attacks. However, for better or worse, DreamHost hosting company still managed to provide great hosting solutions to their subscribers. Moreover, the company has developed more secure servers to avoid issues in the future. Some people say that the installation and modification of the company’s control panel is quite confusing, but the truth is, it’s not. DreamHost has the most effective and user-friendly control panel. Read more about Dreamhost review online to better understand the company.

So, does DreamHost Hosting really makes it easy for us? Definitely yes! Aside from the fact that they provide more improved hosting services, they also have the most reasonable web hosting plans. For $8.95 a month, users can get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and storage as well as a free month subscription. However, their SSL service may not work well with some sites. So it is recommended to seek advice from their customer service first before subscribing to any of their plans to avoid issues with the company.

The most interesting plan of DreamHost is their VPS plan or DreamHost PS. For as low as $15, users can enjoy 150 MB of RAM and other exciting services.

Overall, there is nothing wrong with the company’s hosting plans, but because of their previous problems, some users are afraid to take risks as they don’t want to compromise the functionality of their sites. But in my opinion, investing in any of DreamHosts plans today is good since they are doing their best to avoid outages, spam and server attacks and storage issues.