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InMotion Web Hosting Review

im4InMotion Hosting Company is a web-hosting and employee owned company that was founded in 2001. The company’s web hosting network is based on both Linux and UNIX operating systems that is located in California and Virginia. In this article, we will talk about the features, services and advantages of InMotion web hosting company.

Many people like their hosting services. In fact, most well-known businesses in America recommend InMotion web hosting company.

What to like about InMotion?

InMotion offers the longest money back guarantee of 90 days period.  Watch this video about InMotion Web hosting review if you want to know more about the hosting company.

They also have the best shared web hosting plans under business hosting called: Launch, Power, and Pro Shared Hosting Plans.

Pricing list:

Business Hosting Plans


  • Launch – $4.89
  • Power – $6.29
  • Pro – $10.49

VPS Hosting Plans


  • VPS 1000s – $29.99
  • VPS 2000s – $49.99
  • VPS 3000s – $74.99

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans


  • Essential – $119.99
  • Advanced – $159.99
  • Elite – $229.99

Reseller Hosting Plans


  • R-1000s – $13.99
  • R-2000s – $19.99
  • R-3000s – $27.49

Customer Service

I had the chance to speak with their customer since I want to know how to activate my account with them. To my surprise, the waiting time did not take too long. They immediately provided solutions to my concerns. It is safe to say that their customer representatives were attentive, smart, and helpful.

Few months after activation, I had to speak with their customer representative again related to their cPanel service. However, I decided to use their live chat to know how they deliver support through chat. The initial conversation was okay, but some of their replies were not helpful at all. I believe their chat supports were still adjusting at that time.

Even though the live chat didn’t go well, I still believe that they have an amazing customer support service that is always ready to provide solutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


A Small Orange Review: Personal Experience

ASO1If you are searching for a fast, reliable, consistent and affordable host for your personal or business website, go with A small orange hosting company. They are offering huge discounts, and for as low as $5 a month, you can enjoy unlimited hosting service.

Company Overview

A small orange has been around in the hosting industry since 2003. The company was originally founded in Atlant, Georgia US, but it is now resided in Durham, North Carolina. Tim Dorr, a web designer by profession, founded A small orange with a goal of providing the best hosting service to people.



A Small Orange Hosting Plans

Shared Web Hosting

  • Tiny: $35 a year with 250MB Disk & 5GB Bandwidth
  • Small: $5 a month with 1GB Disk & 20GB Bandwidth
  • Medium: $10 a month with 5GB Disk & 100GB Bandwidth
  • Large: $20 a month with 15GB Disk & 300GB Bandwidth
  • Super: $30 a month with 25GB Disk & 500GB Bandwidth

Business Web Hosting

  • Startup: $20 a month with 10GB Disk & 100GB Bandwidth
  • Small Business: $40 a month with 20GB Disk & 200GB Bandwidth
  • Enterprise: $60 a month with 30GB Disk & 300GB Bandwidth

Reseller Web Hosting

  • Small: $15 a month with 3GB Disk, 30GB B/W, & 30 hosted sites
  • Medium: $25 a month with 5GB Disk, 50GB B/W, & 50 hosted sites
  • Large: $35 a month with 10GB Disk, 100GB B/W, & 100 hosted sites

Uptime Reliability

A Small Orange has an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. I was able to check it because the company’s website has a live status page that will show you their current performance and uptime. However, you need to sign up before you can access the live page. Check on the video below to know more about their services and their exciting “A Small Orange coupons”.

Responsive Customer Support

The company has an incredible and responsive customer support. They can be reach thru live chat and email ticketing service. They can respond to your concerns in no time. I was also impressed on how they deliver their support.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Offers unlimited services
  • Provides knowledgebase video tutorial
  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Great uptime record


  • The company doesn’t have a phone support. You need to wait for their support reps to respond on your email.
  • Not among the best hosting providers


The bottom line of this article/hosting review is that the company (A Small Orange) has been consistent in providing the best hosting services to their clients.

Why Choose BlueHost for WordPress Hosting?

1A lot of WordPress users choose bluehost as their web hosting provider because they are an expert in hosting WordPress websites. As of today, the company is hosting more than 800,000 websites. Bluehost Web Hosting Company was founded by Matt Heaton in 2003. Their goal is to provide and bring the best web hosting services to their consumers.

In this article, we will talk about reasons why you need to choose bluehost for WordPress Hosting. Here are the top 3 reasons why.

Reasonable WordPress Hosting Plans

Price is always the top concerns for people who use WordPress, particularly those who runs a small business website. While some web hosting companies offers expensive shared web hosting package for more than $5 a month, Bluehost offers it for only $3.95 a month with 1 free domain name, 90 day money back guarantee and more.

Fast and consistent performance

Bluehost’s uptime record is fantastic which keeps all websites accessible to guests. With an uptime record of 99.9%, WordPress sites will never experience downtimes. Moreover, bluehost has three outstanding data centers with UPS power back-up and high performance servers.

Responsive Customer Service Support

BlueHost offers all customers with 24/7 U.S based customer support. Their customer support representatives can be contacted via live chat, toll-free phone and email.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Bluehost may not be the best web hosting provider in the industry. The company still faces a lot of issues related with their hosting services. To know more about the advantages and disadvantages of bluehost, watch the bluehost review video below:

Extraordinary Customer Satisfaction

Over the last years, Bluehost has maintained its upright reputation all over the world. A lot of WordPress users were satisfied with their services and performance. Even though they don’t have any upgradable dedicated and VPS server, they still managed to resolved technical issues.


As a WordPress user, I recommend that you choose Bluehost as your web hosting provider because they have proved their fineness in hosting WordPress websites.



A Small Orange is really a reliable web hosting company with affordable prices, great customer care and overall just quality service. This hosting provider differs from others because if you select A Small Orange, you undoubtedly get great customer care and repair. A Small Orange won’t provide you with “unlimited plans” needing compensated upgrades. All of the services they provide are symbolized reasonably so you will know you are receiving the best offer possible.

Cut Costs While On An A SMALL ORANGE Coupon Code

Tip – You are able to conserve to fifteenPercent off any plan by selecting an A Small Orange coupon code situated below. Simply go into the code at checkout and you’ll begin to see the code reflected inside your cost!

ASO began in Atlanta in 2003 having a pursuit to deliver their clients effective hosting and efficient customer support. This Year their headquarters was gone to live in Durham, NC, arrived at 25 employees and also over 5,000 customer registrations. The following year they’d 50 employees and also over 9,000 new clients. In 2013 company moved HQ to Austin, Texas. It was additionally a year when ASO arrived at 80 employees and most 16,000 new clients. The corporation now serves hundreds of 1000’s of customers worldwide. A small orange discount coupon will provide you with big discounts.

download (2)

The founder is a graphic designer Tim Dorr however in 2010 company was purchased by Douglas Hanna. Also, he accustomed to function as the client Service Manager at Hostgator and today he’s the Gm and Boss of A Small Orange.

A Small Orange offers a number of hosting options, therefore the potential customers can select the right solution that fits their demands. You may choose among different options of web hosting in a number of groups which choices are:

Shared Web Hosting

Individuals plans use fast SSD hard disk drives and complete and support. When you purchase certainly one of individuals plans additionally, you will obtain access to install and hang-up a lot of scripts, for example eCommerce, forums, discussion boards, etc.

Small – with 500MB Storage, Bandwidth 5GB, one domain – $35/year

Small – with 5GB Storage, Bandwidth 50GB, Limitless domain – $5/month

Medium – with 15GB Storage, Bandwidth 150GB, Limitless domain – $10/month

Large – with 30GB Storage, Bandwidth 500GB, Limitless domain – $20/month

Reseller Web Hosting

Small – with 20 GB Storage, 250GB Bandwidth, 30 located sites – $15/month

Medium – with 25GB Storage, 500GB Bandwidth, 50 located sites – $25/month

Large – with 50GB Storage, 1500GB Bandwidth, 100 located sites – $35/month

Business Web Hosting

With individuals plans you’re going to get a totally free SSL certificate, and they’ll be located on PCI compliant servers which are regularly-scanned. Additionally they allow you to use cPanel hosting control panel for full control.

Startup – with 40GB Storage, 600GB Bandwidth – $20/month

Small Business – with 50GB Storage, 800GB Bandwidth – $40/month

Enterprise – with 60GB Storage, 1000GB Bandwidth – $60/month

Bear in mind which you can use marketing codes, coupons and discount to obtain savings for affordable prices.