V Meeting of Music, Wood and Violin

V Meeting of Music, Wood and Violin

The Fifth Meeting Music, Wood and Violin comes as a biennial event that gives continuity to the efforts made in previous editions.

In his fifth issue, under the theme: Reflections on the meaning and implications of the professionalisation of violin making in Mexico, the event seeks meeting reflexive and collective cooperation between violin makers, musicians, restaurateurs, researchers, students, amateurs, professionals related areas and anyone with a desire to know about violin making and its relationship with art and science.

From the reviews for dutch glow wood milk, the event is endorsed as an interdisciplinary activity, critical and non-profit that seeks above all the development and understanding of musical instrument in all its aspects by conducting conferences, round tables, trade show, presentation of publications , workshops and concerts.

A point where you can sample and buy instruments of the highest aesthetic and sound qualities, acquired directly from the great authors of Mexico.

The event will take place from 1 to 8 March and will be the main venue facilities Conservatorio de las Rosas, with the following address: Santiago Tapia, 334, Colonia Centro Historico, CP 58000, Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico.

There will be same as secondary sites may be inspected at the official conference site .

- To bring together the Mexican and international community interested in the area of construction of musical instruments.
- Merge professionals and future professionals in the area to promote the exchange of knowledge and technology.
- Larger viewing area professionals terms of restoration.
- Save a space for the development of violin making in Mexico and its theoretical framework.
- Save a space for open discussion biennial.
- Bringing government institutions, and musicians, and professionals from the world of violin making.
- Generate an information space where the audience knows the values ​​of violin making and musical instrument.

More information on official conference site .

Three movies that have best music at the moment

Music has always been an essential element in the film. Music effects, from the origins of sound, have been used to emphasize this or that passage, to create the precise timing of cinematic narrative tension, to create opportunities “oasis” or rest after the intensity held to announce the failure or success of the character, etc.., etc.. And so also is still used today. All of these movies are being shown in the cinema now.

Leonardo DiCaprio is’ The Wolf of Wall Street “

But industry-we can not forget that it is, the film attempts from long ago created exploit the product in all its aspects.Given the current transience of theatrical exhibition, production seek to profit from the sale of the script on paper if it is original or the work that has been adapted to the screen. Naturally also soundtracks (OST) were used to obtain proceeds once the display film. Who does not remember BSO such as ” Lawrence of Arabia “,” Titanic “,” Blade Runner , “” Chariots of Fire “,” The Godfather “,” Superman “,” Love Story “, etc.., etc.., etc. .? thing now is not to capitalize on what specifically created for this or that film, it is dusted old musical current topics while illustrating temporal and serve the story told framework can be re-sold when reevocados in the heads of the more mature or known to younger viewers. And this is the case of some of the films that are currently in full display campaign. I will focus on three of them: ” August: Osage County , “” The Wolf of Wall Street “and” The Great American Scam . ” From the first as I noted in this post in the entry of the day January 27, 2014 . He said that there wrap your characters life adventure with some great songs of Eric Clapton , Deep Purple and Billy Squier, among others.

Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence, Louis CK, Jack Huston, The very long second film also contains a very extensive soundtrack of at least 50 different topics whose titles can be viewed on this link   Soundtrack BSO WOLF WALL STREET – CineDor belonging to the web www.cinedor.es . This movie I have not seen yet because I have not had the opportunity and also because the project in theaters (CINESA specifically refused to do so because of disagreements with the distributor) and therefore can hardly say anything. I’ll just say that Martin Scorsese is a music lover from the 60, 70, 80 …; love has left scattered most of his films even to make some important monographs on groups like the Rolling Stones that – serve as an example-, staged its documentary “Shine a light” in 2008. however the third, ” The Great American Scam “, yes I’ve seen, I liked and I was quite entertaining in every way. But today this post I will only speak of her music. By drawing the story in a real event that occurred in the seventies director David O. Russell has sought a sort of musical spinning script that this brand characters characters besides placing the story in chronological time. Without going to too many issues containing Scorsese, Russell welcomes the many artists such as Duke Ellington , theBee Gees , the ELO , Donna Summer and other less known by me. The web www.cinedor.es appointment I have named before the titles of many of the songs that accompany the images. How are issues that are part of the music I like to listen to the same page title of this blog I include a link to enjoy some of those tunes. 


Listen music from your watch: Google launch this month its still smart watch Nexus

Google introduce this month yet its smart watch that showcases the virtual assistant Google Now.


Speculation rife for some time about the smart watch (smartwatch) Google.According to the Android Police website, this gadget, which emerge as Nexus SmartWatch  flag should be held on October 31 font.

According to rumors, the smart watch would turn on the Google Android version 4.4 (KitKat) which will be released this month. In addition, a central role is attributed to Google Now, the virtual assistant that automatically appear on the mini-screen weather, traffic information and appointments. You will also have access to your email and SMS, and Bluetooth 4.0 will be supported.

Samsung (Galaxy Gear) and Sony (Smart Watch 2) have already launched their smart watches on the market. Besides Google, Apple and Microsoft would work too.

The 5 best music players for Android

the sales of music player for android

As a musician and lover of good sound , I am a person who likes to try all possible options if this going to be an improvement in the quality of what I hear . Definitely more than the headphones or the potential of the phone, we also have to take into account an element that is fundamental: the player. Therefore, from Andro4all we want to provide a list of the top 5 music players for Android. Music teacher ! We are happy because of our app sales.

These apps are made by people who know how to make an app for free.

Compilation music players

If you were to ask someone 20 years ago what was the purpose of mobile phones ‘m sure we answer that facilitate communication through calls and messages, but now things have changed considerably. The emergence of new and improved technologies has allowed the mobile devices we carry help us to function much more and a lot of people use every day is the music playing . Certainly technology is important , but so is the interface we use is friendly and helpful , so today we will review the main and best players for Android.

Google Music Play
Google Image Propaganda Play Music

We started with the easy, with that of Google . In fact, this player is the last to arrive, but it has among some of its greatest assets in Android integration with its exquisite design , widgets and notifications extensible Android Jelly Bean. Google Play Music born of expansion in the services that the Mountain View company aims to provide its users , that if at first was limited to its application store , has slowly grown to also add music, videos and books.

Since Google takes some years trying to enhance services in the cloud and this is precisely one of the great virtues of Google Play Music, as it has the ability to sync up to 20,000 songs between our devices so that we can enjoy our music beyond where we are and above all, without taking up space in our memory as the phone is fully streaming playback . If instead we want to discover new music , it also offers the ability to purchase songs through Google Play.

Finally , note that Google has not forgotten those who want to improve the sound quality and an equalizer included among their tools , although it is not among the best we will see that , yes it is remarkable that has he .
Google Play | Full Version

Stock music player N7player

Taking advantage of the summer heat and I spoke of a player that raises a very interesting and cool interface. Specifically , the main difference compared to other proposals is the way the album , which may well be by name or covers and which vary with the zoom to work will be organized.

But N7Player is not only a new way to present your music collection , but it has tools that will help us improve the quality of sound. First, we find the essential EQ , through which we can promote more or less a given frequency range. On the other hand , the player also has sound enhancement technologies such as SRS or Dolby Surround.

N7Player you can find in Google Play in two versions. The first , free , is only a 15-day trial in which allow us to decide whether it’s worth paying 2.99 euros for the full version. From my point of view , I think it is a bit high if your goal is to reach a wide audience.
Google Play | Trial
Google Play | Full Version

Poweramp Music Player
Image Poweramp music player

Poweramp Music Player is a player that does not seek to radically innovate in any aspect , but seeks to improve those things to which we are accustomed . Thus, as its main strength will have magnificent structure of categories , which will enable us to use the application much easier and quicker .

As for the tools provided , note that we are faced with one of the most complete equalizers , to adapt our music tastes and preferences and more accurate way . Anyway, the fact enhance the sound can usually result in higher battery usage , but in this aspect developers Poweramp Music Player promise us that the effect on it will be minimal.

As for the versions , we are in exactly the same situation with N7Player . The full version has a cost of 2.99 euros, but we will have a trial version of 15 days to allow us to check if this is the player we were looking for our device .
Google Play | Trial
Google Play | Full Version

Image RealPlayer for Android

Of all those who have a computer , who has not ever heard of RealPlayer ? This media player that so many people have used since its creation by the year 1995 and beyond that innovation was primarily the ability to listen to streaming files , is also available for Android and comes loaded with options .

First of all I think it is necessary that we emphasize again that this is not a simple player , but is a complete multimedia center , allowing the ability to play audio , video and display photos on your terminal without having to use several different applications. Everything you need and we’ll find it along with a very easy, because it has an excellent design .

As if this were not enough, the application has two versions. The remarkable thing is that there is indeed a functional and unlimited which you can download completely free and we already provide much of the program’s features , beautifully fulfilling its primary mission, play multimedia content. If this does not have enough , we will upgrade and pay for it from within the same application.
Google Play | RealPLayer

Player Pro
Image Pro Player

And ending this review of some of the best music players for Android we find Player Pro Till now we have been seeing details that made each stand out in their category, but this would be a salad the best of them all. It is clear that any deficiency will , but likes the colors and repeat that a general this is one of the most complete .

In RealPlayer we featured the ability to play videos while in Poweramp Music Player had an equalizer that exceeded the rest in terms of possibilities. If you want both, Player Pro is our ally, as it offers us both. Its design is not all that complicated , which makes use since we all options in sight, thus avoiding having to go browsing screen after screen. This company launched  this app with the largest mobile app marketing campaign.

And if the program itself was good , so are the widgets included, as that will allow us to adapt to get a fuller experience of what possible use from your desktop to your Android device.

But unfortunately, not all is positive in this life and if we have all these possibilities , we have to sell out 3.95 euros. However , note that we will also have a trial version of 10 days in which we can decide to buy the DVD or decide for another .
Google Play | Trial
Google Play | Full Version

The miss having a great application store allows Android users can choose from a wide variety of solutions for all that want to use the phone. Among these , a group that is fairly nourished is to music players , with proposals like Poweramp Music Player Play Music or Google want to improve the operating system brings default .

But we did not stay on the basics, such as proposals n7Player design , the versatility of RealPlayer or mixture of options Player Pro application that will allow us to find more home with our needs. Yes, we must keep in mind the price to pay for them and given the tendency to look for free applications that exist in the Android world, it is likely that options such as Google end up being the most downloaded .

Personally a player looking it’s easy to use and cross its view , yet I also like to offer the most advanced features possible to set the sound ( equalizer or upgrades), since a good distribution of frequencies can make the music we listen to radically improve.

So far the review among the best players . What about you , what player do you prefer ?

Feature: smart watches, what’s coming

The industry of consumer electronics never ceases. Smartphones are already everyday for years and slowly, tablets are becoming hollow also in our homes and businesses. Not long ago saw the birth of the Smart TVs and Smart TVs, with possibilities like internet connection or the inclusion of its own operating system.

smart watches

But companies do not stop at the launch of products or devices that are supposed to improve and enhance existing or, at least, to fill a gap that had not previously been completed by any market. This is where we enter the realm from which you can become the next revolution in what relates to mobile devices. We’re talking about the smartwatches or “smart watches”.

Brief history of smart watches

Smart watches existed in the past, companies such as Seiko and Casio (mythical calculator watches) have already launched their own “watch computer” in the eighties with relative success. In the summer of 2000, the IBM company showed the audience a watch prototype on which they were working. The clock had preinstalled Linux 2.2.5 and 8MB memory. He was subsequently added an accelerometer, vibration mechanism and fingerprint sensor (similar to the now new Touch Apple ID).

Apple iWatch

The Cupertino not want to miss their cake and it took months of hearing rumors about your smart watch, the iWatch. Little is officially known about the device.

Last I know and according to Brian White, analyst reputed investment bank Topeka Capital Markets, the iWatch is not only smartphone would, but it would be able to handle large number of devices in our home by using the automation.
“Our contact, as a supplier of Apple, has provided some details iWatch and describes the device as more than an extension of an iPhone. Describes as a means to allow users to control their home, such as heating, air conditioning, a stereo, TV, etc., “said Brian White.

Apple’s phone would be available in two models with 1.3-inch screen and 1.6 inches. In both cases with resolution of 320 x 320 pixels and AMOLED screen. This at least is what is echoed in iSpazio.

Iwatch Price: unknown
Release Date: 2014?

The price of gold could reach $ 2,400, according to experts

It could reach that price for inflation expectations , the collection of metal that are carrying out many central banks and private investors and increasing demand from emerging economies such as China and India , according to Augusta gold experts.


Some experts believe that the price of gold could reach $ 2,400 per inflationary expectations , the collection of metal that are carrying out many central banks and private investors and increasing demand from emerging economies such as China and India , according to Gold Direct.
In a statement released today , the group explained that gold , in addition to a safe value in the refuge in times of crisis, “proved to be an investment with high returns ,” so that “demand for investment does not stop growing ” .
Oro Direct stresses that the profitability of the metal in the last ten years exceeded that of mutual funds , 0.85 % per year, less than inflation , according to a study by the Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Navarra , and of government bonds to ten years, from 6.3 % a year.
Faced with these financial products, the price of gold has tripled , and invested $ 1,000 ten years ago could be sold today by 4000 .

The 50 most anticipated movies of 2014

Over recent months we have seen how 2015 has become a year that seems to get theaters implode with the arrival of very important blockbusters. But that is one year, and 2014 thinks not remain simply as ” the threshold of 2015.”

To demonstrate this, we present fifty titles that come over the next twelve months our rooms, films for everyone . In 2014 we will have a good portion of sequels , the occasional remake, but will also be a fantastic year for fans of filmmakers like David Fincher , Wes Anderson, Christopher Nolan Clint Eastwood or all new jobs. It is also the year we say goodbye to Middle-earth , the year in which the Bible regain its place in the rooms , and the year that Marvel will bring new characters, and his first animated film with Disney. Many important for film buffs in the next 365 days now. Please welcome a 2014 film . Visit this site for the best movies of 2014.

[ Release dates may be modified at any time by distribution ]

The Wolf of Wall Street

1 – . ‘ Speaking of Llewyn Davis ‘ ( 1 January)
The Coen brothers want us to start the year with folk soundtrack . It is very likely hear a few times in the upcoming Oscar nominations .

‘August’ (10 January ) – 2.
Rarely we see Meryl Streep , Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor Benedict Cumberbatch or part of the same family, a very troubled , of which we like .

. 3 – ‘ The Wolf of Wall Street’ ( 17 January)
Martin Scorsese wants Leonardo DiCaprio ‘s party stuck in ‘The Great Gatsby ‘ seems a mass compared to this true story . The tandem forming the actor and the director is always a guarantee .

4 – . ‘ Meet Mr. Banks ‘ (31 January )
‘ Mary Poppins ‘ is one of the most beloved films from Disney . Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson show us the amazing story of how he came to the big screen.

5 – . ‘ Life Unexpected ‘ (31 January )
Jorge Torregrossa takes Javier Camera and Raúl Arévalo to Manhattan to introduce one of the first Spanish film bets of the year. Scripted by Elvira Lindo.

The Great American Scam

. 6 – ‘ The Great American scam ‘ (31 January )
David O. Russell brings together a star cast and wrap it in an aesthetic full of hairstyles and impossible necklines. Thieves and gangsters it going .

7 – . ‘La LEGO movie’ (February 7 )
Batman ? Ninja Turtles, together in the same movie? Buy . Our childhood toys come to life in an unparalleled adventure .

8 – . ‘ Nebraska ‘ (February 7 )
Alexander Payne manages one of the best performances of the career of Bruce Dern in this story about a man who thinks he has won the lottery.

9 – . ‘ RoboCop ‘ ( 14 February)
A new remake comes to our screens. Will the new Alex Murphy do justice to his legacy? At least I try accompanied by actors like Samuel L. Jackson or Gary Oldman.

10 – . ‘Monuments Men’ ( 21 February)
George Clooney stands in front and behind the camera of this curious story of a group of historians who did everything possible to save valuable works of art from the Nazi looting . Repartazo included.

Monuments Men

11 – . ‘ A life in three days ‘ ( 21 February)
Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin star in a duel of titans in this interpretive crossroads of a single mother with depression and a convict on the run.

12 – . ‘ Enemy ‘ (February 28 )
The director of ‘ Prisoners ‘ presents a thriller that promises to leave no one indifferent. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this film twice.

13 – . ‘ Her’ ( 28 February)
Scarlett Johansson does not need to appear on screen to woo Joaquin Phoenix. Spike Jonze signing this movie about a man in love with an operating system.

14 – ’300 . Origin of an empire ‘ (March 7 )
It has been difficult to reach , but finally return to theaters muscled warriors the graphic novel by Frank Miller. This time , in a battle between Greeks and Persians.

15 – . ‘Need For Speed ​​’ (March 14 )
Aaron Paul gets his big break in the big screen adaptation of the popular video game series driving . It’s the race of the year , with the change of date for ‘ Fast & Furious 7′ .

Great Hotel Budapest

16 – . ‘Beauty and the Beast ‘ (March 14 )
The famous tale of Gothic dresses in this new version directed by Christophe Gans and starring Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel .

17 – . ‘ Dallas Buyers Club’ (March 14 )
Matthew McConaughey has gone through the stage of ” spunky ” and still picks as interesting as that of a man with AIDS who sought a way to get your medicines in a more easy, and inexpensive papers.

18 – . ‘ Grand Hotel Budapest ‘ (March 21 )
Wes Anderson returns with his always original style , inviting us to solve the mystery of a very special hotel , occupied by Hollywood.

. 19 – ‘ Captain America: The Winter Soldier ‘ (March 28 )
Steve Rogers is back with his first mission post- Avengers. A ghost from the past put it very difficult to think the character of Chris Evans in Marvel ‘s first film of the year.

20 – . ‘ Noah ‘ (April 4 )
The biblical landing starts with Darren Aronofsky and Russell Crowe. Prepare the umbrella, the flood this time promises to be epic .

X -Men : Days of Future Past

21 – . ‘ Divergent ‘ (April 11 )
A new series of novels for young arrives in theaters. Will Tris Prior and follow the steps of Katniss at the top of the box office?

22 – ‘The Amazing Spider- Man 2 : The Power of Electro . ” (April 16 )
Peter Parker displays his web in this anticipated sequel , full of villains the likes of Rhino or Electro . Jamie Foxx is aimed at the fashion of the net.

23 – . ‘ Godzilla ‘ (May 16 )
The giant reptile gets this time under the command of Gareth Edwards with a new movie that will be joined by actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor- Johnson.

. 24 – ‘ X -Men : Days of Future Past ‘ ( May 23)
The mother of all mutants meetings will be held under the direction of Bryan Singer. Past and future come together in one of the most anticipated sequels of the year.

25 – . ‘ A Million Ways to Die in the West ‘ ( 30 May)
There will be talkative bears, but surely Seth MacFarlane will once again conquer the audience with his western starring Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried .


26 – . ‘ Maleficent ‘ ( 30 May)
Angelina Jolie gets into the skin of one of the major villains of the Disney mythology. Will it do honor to the horns of such a charismatic character?

27 – . ‘ Gleaming the morning ‘ ( 30 May)
Tom Cruise stars in his own version of Groundhog Day in this science fiction movie in which you will have to relive again and again the day of his death.

28 – . ‘ Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (June 18 )
Ten years after the events of ‘ Rise of the Planet of the Apes , primates and humans fight for supremacy. Andy Serkis wants to conquer us with his mastery of CGI interpretation.

29 – . ‘ Jump Street 2′ (June 20 )
The first installment became a pleasant surprise in the field of comedy. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are now moving to college for a little fuss .

30 – . ‘ How to Train Your Dragon 2′ ( 1 August)
DreamWorks brings us back to Hiccup and Toothless in the continuation of one of his most beloved films . It’s time to fly high again on the back of our dragons.

Transformers 4: The Age of Extinction

. 31 – ‘Transformers 4: The Age of extinction ‘ (August 8 )
Optimus Prime and company are back, but this time have new human friends , new body , and destroy buildings .

32 – . ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy ‘ (22 August )
Marvel brings one of his most daring bands and original theaters . Prepare to be conquered by a human environment , aliens , a raccoon and a tree.

33 – . ‘ Ninja Turtles ‘ (August 29 )
Megan Fox will be honored to accompany Raphael , Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo in his ambitious return to the big screen .

34 – . ‘ Jersey Boys ‘ (5 September )
Clint Eastwood gets back behind the camera , this time with none other than the adaptation of the hit Broadway musical .

. 35 – ‘ Hercules: The Thracian Wars’ (September 19 )
Last year we saw how the White House was we destroyed twice , this year will be Hercules which pass through the rooms twice. The second runner will Dwayne Johnson, and is prepared to make Kellan Lutz bite the dust .

REC 4 : Apocalypse

36 – . ‘ Maze Runner ‘ (September 19 )
In this literary adaptation no sand , but a mysterious labyrinth . What we do have is a group of kids trying to find their way back home for their recesses .

. 37 – ‘ [ REC ] 4: Apocalypse (October 10 )
Jaume Balagueró directs the latest installment in the saga of terror, Manuela Velasco recovering as main character. What happened after the spread of infection in the apartment building ?

38 – . ‘Gone Girl’ ( 24 October)
David Fincher is all prepared to offer one of his characteristic thrillers . Ben Affleck stars in this film focuses on a woman ‘s disappearance .

best movies of 2014

39 – . ‘ Interstellar ‘ ( 7 November)
Another is that Christopher Nolan also returns , and will invite us to use wormholes to travel to the far reaches of space . Would you accompany ?

40 – . ‘ Fury’ ( 14 November)
Brad Pitt , Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman are some of the soldiers recruited by David Ayer to move to the last moments of World War II .

The Hobbit : Departure and return

. 41 – ‘ The Hunger Games : Mockingjay. Part I ‘( 21 November)
First part of the final chapter in the struggle between the Capitol and Katniss Everdeen . After the climax that left us with ‘ The Hunger Games : Catching Fire ‘ , will spare us look forward to Panem .

42 – . ‘Big Hero 6′ ( 5 December)
Disney and Marvel present their first animated film together. With them we moved to San Fransokyo , where we meet six new heroes.

43 – . ‘Exodus ‘ ( 5 December)
We return to open the Bible , this time with Ridley Scott and Christian Bale as narrators . This time we will focus on the story of the liberation of the Jewish people , led by Moses.

44 – ‘The Hobbit : Departure and return . ” ( Dec. 17)
Since we had to say goodbye once Middle Earth a few years ago , but this time seems to be a final farewell . Peter Jackson brings us the latest chapter in the epic trilogy starring Martin Freeman.

45 – . ‘Into the Woods ‘ (December 25 )
Tales back to life in this forest where Meryl Streep becomes an evil witch and Johnny Depp in the big bad wolf .

Torrente 5

46 – . ‘ Transcendence ‘ (undated )
Wally Pfister, director Christopher Nolan’s longtime cinematographer , fly only with a mysterious thriller starring Johnny Depp.

47 – . ‘ Wind rose ‘ (undated )
The latest film by Hayao Miyazaki Release will be a very special event for fans of the famous director. In the film we meet the designer of Japanese aircraft of the Second World War.

48 – ‘Sin City : A dame to kill for . ” (Undated )
It ‘s back to Sin City . Frank Miller returns to sponsor an adaptation of her graphic novels noir on stage most of the year.

49 – ‘ Torrente 5 : Mission Eurovegas ‘ . (Undated )
Although megacasino project was to be built in Madrid has been canceled , Santiago Segura is determined to show , via his character … quirky, how he would have become a haven for José Luis Torrente .

50 – . ‘Open Windows ‘ (undated )
The new thriller Vigalondo with Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey, narrated through open windows on a computer, at least promises to be one of the most original films of the year .

Your most anticipated movies

2014 A few proposals have been omitted , a few months ahead of us full of very interesting film . And you? What is the movie that you hope more this year?


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