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    Taking pictures and videos from the sky was once an impossible task Two points that make a good review The importance of selecting trusted reviewersRead More

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  • These Sleeklens Products and their Detailed Reviews

    Sleeklens products in some detailed review Photographers reviewing Sleeklens products for your photo editing Detailed and comprehensive reviews you can get for your photo editingRead More

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Stay ahead in the Web Hosting Business in 2015

The web hosting segment is getting more and more competitive, with presence of small as well as big players. The competition includes local web hosting providers to global web hosting providers like Hostgator, Godaddy, etc. And all of them provide almost same features at almost same prices. So what are the differentiators, the factors that can put 1 web hosting provider ahead of others.

First of all, It is important for a web hosting company to understand that their customer base can include naïve users or beginners as well as the experts. So, their features, interface etc. should be suitable to use for everyone.

Here are some of the points that a web hosting company should focus on:

  1. Use minimum jargons: Make your web hosting interface easier enough to be used by starters.
  2. Quick TAT for Customer Queries: Web hosting is critical for customer’s success in terms of online presence, so any issue they face should be resolved immediately.
  3. Keep your Knowledge Base and other Self Help articles upto date and try to include all frequent issues that customer can face. Another better way is to provide Video Tutorials and Screenshot based articles.
  4. If operating on global level, you have data centers at multiple locations for faster content delivery, making the hosted websites, portals and web based applications load faster at visitor’s end.
  5. Have good reviews on all media channels like Youtube, reddit, Facebook and more. A good example is this review of siteground who have managed to maintain good reviews like you see here:
  6. Keep your hardware and scripts updated
  7. Keep flexible package and pricing options: Freedom to upgrade/downgrade package, and monthly payment options can be a plus to attract more customers.
  8. Discussion Forums: Provide your customers with a platform to discuss their issues, and resolve them with each other’s help. Also, hosting provider should also strictly participate in each of the discussions to win customer confidence.
  9. Go Out of the Way: Sometimes your customer support have to go out of the way to resolve customer problem, and believe me it leaves an everlasting impression on customer, and he will be loyal to you forever. For example, if one of the customer is facing an issue installing a script your customer care executives can help them by doing it all by themselves through remote access, etc. Hence you have solved a big customer problem, but win his loyalty forever.
  10. Keep strict vigil on server activity: Keep an eye on malicious activities, spams, server loads, etc, so that you are already prepared to minimize server downtime.
  11. Attractive Reseller Plans: Resellers are one of the best ways to capture more market share. Target freelance web designers, application developers, etc. to resell your hosting against good commission.
  12. Keep Communicating: Keep in touch with your customers, asking for their feedback and how they feel about your service. Keep them informed about their renewal date, if they are running out of space or bandwidth and need to upgrade.

The idea is to just keep it focused around your customers and the technology. And you can go places with your web hosting business.


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Guide to Selecting a Camera Drone Review

  • Taking pictures and videos from the sky was once an impossible task
  • Two points that make a good review
  • The importance of selecting trusted reviewers

Humanity once thought it was an impossible task, but it’s happening now. It is now possible to take pictures or record footages using small helicopter-like devices without having to spend thousands in one session. But even though flying different action cameras is not as expensive and delicate as before, purchasing a drone camera still means spending hundreds to thousands of dollars.


The market is surging with many different models of camera drones annually—all with different strengths and weaknesses to consider. It may seem cliché, but two of the most reliable ways to set the good drones apart from the so-so ones are through online comments and reviews of drone cameras 2016. Yes, reviews need to be updated and at least written in 2016.

There are many different reviews online from different websites and bloggers. But before you believe the “reviews of drone cameras 2016” you read online, there are two points that need to be considered.

  1. Depth –Trust a review that looks deeply into a device. Did the review discuss about the features of the device and their functions?
  2. Bias- this is one thing that any review must not have. Every review must highlight neither the strengths nor the weaknesses to make the decision making as easy and objective as possible for the consumer.

So before you cash in and put some smile on someone special through photography, it is important that you need to read first these reviews, especially when you’re on the hunt for a drone. They are, without a doubt, suitable gifts for camera lovers, enabling them to produce cool angles for your images.

On a side note, however, selecting a camera drone is more than just its ability to cover a wide range of angles for your photography. It is also supplying yourself with the necessary supplements for you to achieve some lofty goals for your craft. And you can easily secure that by purchasing an iherb discount code on the web.

Generally, “reviews of drone cameras 2016”  can be found anywhere in the internet. But it still pays to select the websites that already have established reputation in writing reviews. You don’t have to read 24 hours’ worth of reviews, because just finding a good and thorough one should be enough. Happy reading!

These Sleeklens Products and their Detailed Reviews

  • Sleeklens products in some detailed review
  • Photographers reviewing Sleeklens products for your photo editing
  • Detailed and comprehensive reviews you can get for your photo editing via https://sleeklens.com/

Seldom can you find a detailed review about photography online. And if you do find one, more often than not, this review is from Sleeklens. They have these photographers detailed reviews of Sleeklens products all the time.


Yes, as soon as you check out their site, you’ll have your doses of photographers detailed reviews of Sleeklens products that would greatly serve your photo editing. Rest assured no sweat at all the moment you tinker on your photos, because the concepts that you can get from these reviews makes it easy for you right from the very start.

Besides a detailed review is all it takes for you to stay on top of the game as far as photo editing is concerned. You might know the certain information about photography, but if you’re not updated, courtesy of these photographers detailed reviews of Sleeklens products, chances are, you’ll be left behind.

It pays to use Sleeklens products when we talk about photo editing, because they have this collection that would accentuate your overall aura of your photographs, whether landscape photography or portraiture.

So these photographers detailed reviews of Sleeklens products are a joy to keep. These are the reading materials that you need to stack if you want more variety to your effects. Their collection of presets, adobe lightroom, and even workflows is enough for you to make some significant improvements to your images.

Better still, if you want an in-depth photographers detailed review of Sleeklens products, just check out this link, https://sleeklens.com/, and it’s just a matter time before you can give your viewers the photos that they want to see.

Instilling Beauty by Installing Lightroom Presets

  • Reasons why you should install Lightroom presets for your photos
  • Editing photos in an easy way using Lightroom presets
  • Creating beautiful photos through various features offered by Lightroom

At the outset, editing photos are quite laborious, considering the intricacies that go with making changes on its texture or lines, but if you can install Lightroom presets into your computer or laptop, editing photos might just a routine in the long run.

LR47If you can install Lightroom presets into your unit, it makes things easy for you. You get to enhance your photos based on the different types of Lightroom features that you cannot find with other photo enhancing apps. And for purposes of variety, Lightroom has a collection that suits your style and need at any given day.

Two reasons why you should install Lightroom presets, it makes editing easy and allows you to experiment with it.

  1. Easy editing – As soon as you install Lightroom presets into your laptop, you are in for some user-friendly tools for you to navigate with its features with great ease. Plus, it has a tutorial video for you to be acquainted with your app and for additional info about its specific features.
  2. Experimental in nature – Lightroom presets allow you to explore possibilities when it comes to enhancing your photos. Install Lightroom presets now and experiment it with your photos. You will soon realize that photo editing is not at all laborious, as you might have thought.

How beneficial it would be if you can install Lightroom presets for your photos. It is only a matter of time before you can come up with effects based on the variety of presets that Lightroom offers. When all said and done, these are the kind of photos that perk up the imagination of every viewer. Photo editing tools that enhance not only your photo images, but your life as well.

Why You Must Experience Lightroom Preset At Least Once In Your Lifetime

  • Have you ever tried using Adobe Lightroom to modify your images?
  • Lightroom is one of the most convenient program Adobe has ever made.
  • Let’s talk about some of the few advantages of Adobe Lightroom.

Have you ever tried using Adobe Lightroom to modify your images? Well, if not, maybe now is the right time to explore the features and services of the program. Adobe System has developed Lightroom to help photographers, especially professional photographers with their workload. The company realized that they must do something to assist photographers with their stressful editing tasks.


Essentially, Lightroom is one of the most convenient program Adobe has ever made. Some people mistakenly compare Lightroom with Photoshop. But honestly, Lightroom is far better than Photoshop because it contains light and fast interface. Users don’t need to modify images manually and they don’t need to sit and edit for a long period of time.

But before we give you a quick Lightroom tutorial, let’s talk about some of the few advantages of Adobe Lightroom. Both amateurs and professional photographers prefer Lightroom over Photoshop and Elements because according to them, the program can help them speed up the whole modification process; in addition, they can easily organize and manage their action video cameras images in one application. For them, Lightroom is one of the greatest tools in the market.

Here are some few tips on how to edit images and install Lightroom presets  in Lightroom:

  • Create your own or purchase and download collection of Lightroom presets
  • Edit images and apply presets
  • Utilize image filters wisely
  • Adjust brightness, exposures, hue and contrast appropriately
  • Always remember that Lightroom presets are reusable and modifiable. You can make quick changes anytime you want.
  • Always update Lightroom version if possible.
  • Organize images in one collection folder to avoid confusion or losing files
  • Create new presets regularly to save money and time
  • Earn from your images

Learn the Art of Photoshop Actions

  • Learn to understand the art of Photoshop actions
  • Adobe Photoshop actions are a sequence of recorded step by step editing process.
  • Photoshop actions are also the best time savers

I believe you’ll agree with me when I say that Adobe Photoshop is one of the best, yet tiring photo editing tools in the market today since you have to spend a lot of time in modifying images one by one and manually.  However, Adobe realized that they need to add a feature called “actions” in Photoshop that will help photographers in their workflows.

pbn7As an avid Photoshop user, you are probably aware of the most common scenario wherein you have to do a lot of repetitive tasks such as adding effects, cropping, resizing and color adjustments just to finish one photo editing session. You also know that editing tons of images manually can be a waste of time. Fortunately, with Photoshop actions, everything will be easier.

Basically, you don’t have to be an expert or a pro when it comes to using Photoshop and Actions. You only have to understand that Photoshop actions is a great way to record tiresome and repetitive editing tasks that can be replayed and applied to one or more images.

What are Photoshop actions?

Adobe Photoshop actions are a sequence of recorded step by step editing process that allow you to play back and apply to your images. Same with Presets, Actions are modifiable and reusable which means you can regularly add or remove effects and adjustments to it.

Moreover, actions allow you to easily put on random great effects to your images without the need to do it manually.

Photoshop actions are also the best time savers, especially when you’re dealing with hundreds of images and you need to finish that within the day or week. By using Photoshop actions for your images, you’ll be spared from sitting for long hours just to meet the client’s deadline.

The Complete Process of Syncing Lightroom Mobile with Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom’s “Lightroom mobile” application is currently offering a service which has the ability to sync edited presets and images to other devices. In this article, we will give you an idea about the complete process of syncing Lightroom mobile application with CC. Moreover, we will teach you how to make a collection on your Lightroom CC and sync it in the mobile version.

PA1When creating a collection for the first time in Lightroom mobile, you have to import images straight from your smartphones or mobile devices such iPads, tablets and etc.

You can also rename the collection in the mobile version by simply tapping the three white dots located in the left side corner of the image. These dots will reveal a list of useful options which includes renaming a collection name.

However, before you can actually sync photos to and from your Lightroom mobile application, you need to create a collection that will help you organize and modify the easiest way. Here are the complete process on how to create and sync images to your Lightroom mobile app.

Make a New Collection

In Adobe Lightroom, simply go to the collections panel and select the plus (+) icon. Click on the “create collection” from the options menu.

Add Created Folder to Target Collection

Basically, your newly created collection has no files or images at all. However, you can import presets or your other Landscape Photoshop actions images straight from your library module panel. Once you’re done importing images, you can now add the folder to the target collection in Lightroom.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Synchronize Collection Folder

Select the label of your collection in the Collection panel to see the content of it, then directly sync the collection to your Lightroom mobile application. After synching the collection, open Lightroom mobile on your iPad, tablet or smartphones.

Modifying Thumbnails

If you’re not satisfied with the default sizes of your LR mobile thumbnails, you can resize it in the collections panel by pinching the image using your fingers to enlarge or shrink the images.

Make It Easy With DreamHost

pbn20Most of us know that DreamHost hosting company promised us with an uptime server record of 100 percent, which is basically a good promise since we need something that is fast and consistent to make our website running.

The company has gone through a lot of major issues such as the 2 power outages and server attacks. However, for better or worse, DreamHost hosting company still managed to provide great hosting solutions to their subscribers. Moreover, the company has developed more secure servers to avoid issues in the future. Some people say that the installation and modification of the company’s control panel is quite confusing, but the truth is, it’s not. DreamHost has the most effective and user-friendly control panel. Read more about Dreamhost review online to better understand the company.

So, does DreamHost Hosting really makes it easy for us? Definitely yes! Aside from the fact that they provide more improved hosting services, they also have the most reasonable web hosting plans. For $8.95 a month, users can get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and storage as well as a free month subscription. However, their SSL service may not work well with some sites. So it is recommended to seek advice from their customer service first before subscribing to any of their plans to avoid issues with the company.

The most interesting plan of DreamHost is their VPS plan or DreamHost PS. For as low as $15, users can enjoy 150 MB of RAM and other exciting services.

Overall, there is nothing wrong with the company’s hosting plans, but because of their previous problems, some users are afraid to take risks as they don’t want to compromise the functionality of their sites. But in my opinion, investing in any of DreamHosts plans today is good since they are doing their best to avoid outages, spam and server attacks and storage issues.

Review: DigitalOcean’s Hosting

DO2There are a lot of webhosting providers available out there, most of them offers similar services such as unlimited everything; bandwidth, domains, subdomains and will charge you excessively without you knowing it.

In my opinion, if you are really serious in getting a provider in your site and you don’t want to be stressed with all the inefficiency like down times, cPanel errors and etc., you have to choose the best hosting provider carefully. Moreover, if you want to have a full management control over your website server, installing applications, and site modification, you should find a company which provides better VPS packages.

Even with Virtual Private Servers Plans, there are still a lot of hosting companies who claims that they have the best VPS services, make sure to choose the ones who can provide your hosting needs. For the past months, I have been enjoying the VPS features of Digital Ocean. They may be new in the business industry, but they already proved their worth.


Digital Ocean’s smallest package offers you a 1 terabyte transfer, which is I think is incredible. Each virtual servers or droplet as what they refer to is connected to a 1 gigabyte per channel and is enough for almost everything.


As of writing, the company offers a starting price of five dollar per month of VPS plans with inclusions of 20 gigabytes of disk space, 512 RAM and 1 terabyte transfer. They are also offering huge discount you just have to find the best digital ocean enter promo code.


Disk Space

Starting price of $5 a month, users can get a 20 gig of disk space. The good thing about this offer is its speed and consistency.


Relating and comparing hosting features is not good, but in this review, I think it is better to compare than be sorry in the long run. In my opinion, other hosting companies can provide VPS servers, but they cannot compete with the performance of Digital Ocean’s VPS plans.

In terms of speed and security, Digital Ocean is far better than the others. That is why I highly recommend their services for your website.

Should You Choose Arvixe Hosting?

arvixe2There are a lot of hosting companies out there who regularly send us email and ask us to review their product. However, since we want to be transparent and only want to suggest and recommend the best hosting services/company, we turn them down and only choose what we think is deserving to write for a review. Watch this video about arvixe review 2015 below:

Fortunately, after bumping into Arvixe, I was really impressed with their services and how they manage to offer affordable yet high quality features. Moreover, I found them interesting since they have a U.S based customer support service and an outsource support to India and some part of Middle East.

Arvixe also offers services with free domain name that will be useful for both personal and business websites. This may be the greatest deal a hosting company could offer to their clients. This feature is also the most convenient thing for us since we do not need to worry and think about what to use as a domain name.

Another great feature of Arvixe is their 99.9 percent up-time speed record guarantee. According to their website, “if we do not live up to our 99.9% up time guarantee, you qualify to receive a refund on that month’s hosting fees.” It only means that when we are not satisfied with their services and performance, we can ask for a full refund for a period of 90 days since initial set up of account.

Arvixe has received a lot of appreciation and awards for their great features, customer support and up time record speed.

Adobe Lightroom Review

LR6If you are planning to expand and build an online shop for your photography career, the best way to start it is to own a photo editing tool like Adobe Lightroom to help you organize, modify and manage your images. It is the one of the most famous post processing programs available in the industry. Moreover, there are a lot of presets available in the market that is compatible with Lightroom.


In 2006, Adobe System released their new post processing tool called Lightroom. The company decide to create this new program to help photographers speed up their editing workload. Lightroom went through a lot of obstacles before reaching its popularity. After several updates and bug fixes, Lightroom now runs the stable version 6.3.

Installation and Activation

Adobe Lightroom presets from Sleeklens installion process is easier than ever. On the other hand, after installing and activating your presets.

After installing the presets, you can see the two added menus in the develop module panel located on the left hand navigation. The presets menu provides various options for organizing your images and other significant files.

  • Settings

Lightroom settings allows you to manage and control your files effectively. You can edit and update image information by adding metadata or keywords such as country, date modified, file name and etc. It also allows you to customize your images by applying default presets. For more information, check more Adobe Lightroom presets at infoparrot.com.
For a walkthrough on the installation, watch the video below.


Generally, I think Lightroom is the perfect photo editing tool in the market today. It definitely offers a lot of exciting and useful features. In addition, the program is very easy to use making it more convenient to modify hundreds or even thousands of images.

Overall, I think Lightroom is an extremely solid photo editing and management tool. It has a wealth of standard features and is fairly straight forward to setup, no matter whether you’re using a free Lightroom preset or photoshop actions free.

InMotion Web Hosting Review

im4InMotion Hosting Company is a web-hosting and employee owned company that was founded in 2001. The company’s web hosting network is based on both Linux and UNIX operating systems that is located in California and Virginia. In this article, we will talk about the features, services and advantages of InMotion web hosting company.

Many people like their hosting services. In fact, most well-known businesses in America recommend InMotion web hosting company.

What to like about InMotion?

InMotion offers the longest money back guarantee of 90 days period.  Watch this video about InMotion Web hosting review if you want to know more about the hosting company.

They also have the best shared web hosting plans under business hosting called: Launch, Power, and Pro Shared Hosting Plans.

Pricing list:

Business Hosting Plans


  • Launch – $4.89
  • Power – $6.29
  • Pro – $10.49

VPS Hosting Plans


  • VPS 1000s – $29.99
  • VPS 2000s – $49.99
  • VPS 3000s – $74.99

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans


  • Essential – $119.99
  • Advanced – $159.99
  • Elite – $229.99

Reseller Hosting Plans


  • R-1000s – $13.99
  • R-2000s – $19.99
  • R-3000s – $27.49

Customer Service

I had the chance to speak with their customer since I want to know how to activate my account with them. To my surprise, the waiting time did not take too long. They immediately provided solutions to my concerns. It is safe to say that their customer representatives were attentive, smart, and helpful.

Few months after activation, I had to speak with their customer representative again related to their cPanel service. However, I decided to use their live chat to know how they deliver support through chat. The initial conversation was okay, but some of their replies were not helpful at all. I believe their chat supports were still adjusting at that time.

Even though the live chat didn’t go well, I still believe that they have an amazing customer support service that is always ready to provide solutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


A Small Orange Review: Personal Experience

ASO1If you are searching for a fast, reliable, consistent and affordable host for your personal or business website, go with A small orange hosting company. They are offering huge discounts, and for as low as $5 a month, you can enjoy unlimited hosting service.

Company Overview

A small orange has been around in the hosting industry since 2003. The company was originally founded in Atlant, Georgia US, but it is now resided in Durham, North Carolina. Tim Dorr, a web designer by profession, founded A small orange with a goal of providing the best hosting service to people.



A Small Orange Hosting Plans

Shared Web Hosting

  • Tiny: $35 a year with 250MB Disk & 5GB Bandwidth
  • Small: $5 a month with 1GB Disk & 20GB Bandwidth
  • Medium: $10 a month with 5GB Disk & 100GB Bandwidth
  • Large: $20 a month with 15GB Disk & 300GB Bandwidth
  • Super: $30 a month with 25GB Disk & 500GB Bandwidth

Business Web Hosting

  • Startup: $20 a month with 10GB Disk & 100GB Bandwidth
  • Small Business: $40 a month with 20GB Disk & 200GB Bandwidth
  • Enterprise: $60 a month with 30GB Disk & 300GB Bandwidth

Reseller Web Hosting

  • Small: $15 a month with 3GB Disk, 30GB B/W, & 30 hosted sites
  • Medium: $25 a month with 5GB Disk, 50GB B/W, & 50 hosted sites
  • Large: $35 a month with 10GB Disk, 100GB B/W, & 100 hosted sites

Uptime Reliability

A Small Orange has an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. I was able to check it because the company’s website has a live status page that will show you their current performance and uptime. However, you need to sign up before you can access the live page. Check on the video below to know more about their services and their exciting “A Small Orange coupons”.

Responsive Customer Support

The company has an incredible and responsive customer support. They can be reach thru live chat and email ticketing service. They can respond to your concerns in no time. I was also impressed on how they deliver their support.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Offers unlimited services
  • Provides knowledgebase video tutorial
  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Great uptime record


  • The company doesn’t have a phone support. You need to wait for their support reps to respond on your email.
  • Not among the best hosting providers


The bottom line of this article/hosting review is that the company (A Small Orange) has been consistent in providing the best hosting services to their clients.

Why Choose BlueHost for WordPress Hosting?

1A lot of WordPress users choose bluehost as their web hosting provider because they are an expert in hosting WordPress websites. As of today, the company is hosting more than 800,000 websites. Bluehost Web Hosting Company was founded by Matt Heaton in 2003. Their goal is to provide and bring the best web hosting services to their consumers.

In this article, we will talk about reasons why you need to choose bluehost for WordPress Hosting. Here are the top 3 reasons why.

Reasonable WordPress Hosting Plans

Price is always the top concerns for people who use WordPress, particularly those who runs a small business website. While some web hosting companies offers expensive shared web hosting package for more than $5 a month, Bluehost offers it for only $3.95 a month with 1 free domain name, 90 day money back guarantee and more.

Fast and consistent performance

Bluehost’s uptime record is fantastic which keeps all websites accessible to guests. With an uptime record of 99.9%, WordPress sites will never experience downtimes. Moreover, bluehost has three outstanding data centers with UPS power back-up and high performance servers.

Responsive Customer Service Support

BlueHost offers all customers with 24/7 U.S based customer support. Their customer support representatives can be contacted via live chat, toll-free phone and email.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Bluehost may not be the best web hosting provider in the industry. The company still faces a lot of issues related with their hosting services. To know more about the advantages and disadvantages of bluehost, watch the bluehost review video below:

Extraordinary Customer Satisfaction

Over the last years, Bluehost has maintained its upright reputation all over the world. A lot of WordPress users were satisfied with their services and performance. Even though they don’t have any upgradable dedicated and VPS server, they still managed to resolved technical issues.


As a WordPress user, I recommend that you choose Bluehost as your web hosting provider because they have proved their fineness in hosting WordPress websites.



A Small Orange is really a reliable web hosting company with affordable prices, great customer care and overall just quality service. This hosting provider differs from others because if you select A Small Orange, you undoubtedly get great customer care and repair. A Small Orange won’t provide you with “unlimited plans” needing compensated upgrades. All of the services they provide are symbolized reasonably so you will know you are receiving the best offer possible.

Cut Costs While On An A SMALL ORANGE Coupon Code

Tip – You are able to conserve to fifteenPercent off any plan by selecting an A Small Orange coupon code situated below. Simply go into the code at checkout and you’ll begin to see the code reflected inside your cost!

ASO began in Atlanta in 2003 having a pursuit to deliver their clients effective hosting and efficient customer support. This Year their headquarters was gone to live in Durham, NC, arrived at 25 employees and also over 5,000 customer registrations. The following year they’d 50 employees and also over 9,000 new clients. In 2013 company moved HQ to Austin, Texas. It was additionally a year when ASO arrived at 80 employees and most 16,000 new clients. The corporation now serves hundreds of 1000’s of customers worldwide. A small orange discount coupon will provide you with big discounts.

download (2)

The founder is a graphic designer Tim Dorr however in 2010 company was purchased by Douglas Hanna. Also, he accustomed to function as the client Service Manager at Hostgator and today he’s the Gm and Boss of A Small Orange.

A Small Orange offers a number of hosting options, therefore the potential customers can select the right solution that fits their demands. You may choose among different options of web hosting in a number of groups which choices are:

Shared Web Hosting

Individuals plans use fast SSD hard disk drives and complete and support. When you purchase certainly one of individuals plans additionally, you will obtain access to install and hang-up a lot of scripts, for example eCommerce, forums, discussion boards, etc.

Small – with 500MB Storage, Bandwidth 5GB, one domain – $35/year

Small – with 5GB Storage, Bandwidth 50GB, Limitless domain – $5/month

Medium – with 15GB Storage, Bandwidth 150GB, Limitless domain – $10/month

Large – with 30GB Storage, Bandwidth 500GB, Limitless domain – $20/month

Reseller Web Hosting

Small – with 20 GB Storage, 250GB Bandwidth, 30 located sites – $15/month

Medium – with 25GB Storage, 500GB Bandwidth, 50 located sites – $25/month

Large – with 50GB Storage, 1500GB Bandwidth, 100 located sites – $35/month

Business Web Hosting

With individuals plans you’re going to get a totally free SSL certificate, and they’ll be located on PCI compliant servers which are regularly-scanned. Additionally they allow you to use cPanel hosting control panel for full control.

Startup – with 40GB Storage, 600GB Bandwidth – $20/month

Small Business – with 50GB Storage, 800GB Bandwidth – $40/month

Enterprise – with 60GB Storage, 1000GB Bandwidth – $60/month

Bear in mind which you can use marketing codes, coupons and discount to obtain savings for affordable prices.

How and Why Web Hosting Companies Should Be Putting Their Customers First

The world of web hosting is nearing saturation. There are a huge number of companies selling web hosting, both as first-party providers, and as resellers that are simply offering co-branded versions of other company’s products. These hosting companies are competing in a crowded market where there is little to differentiate most providers other than location and price.

If you want your company to stand out from the crowd then it is important that you learn how to give customers what they want. Most customers want reliable hosting that is fast enough to meet their needs, capable enough to run their chosen software, and affordable enough that they can sustain their project. This is a difficult enough package of requirements to meet, especially given that some hosting packages are offered at prices as low as $15 a year.

Putting Your Customers First

There are a few different kinds of customer in web hosting – there are some who have highly specific requirements; they need a super-high bandwidth host, one that is adult-content friendly, or one that runs a very specific configuration of sever. These customers will pay whatever price is required to meet those requirements, and they will never by your customer if you are not able to serve them.

A great example of putting your customers first is what Hostgator did throughout the last couple of years as seen in this review.

Another type of customer is the one that simply wants to throw up a blog and forget about it. This customer wants the cheapest hosting that can get the job done, and as long as you do not annoy them through regular outages, poor performance or other customer service issues, once you have attracted this customer you will have them for life – they will set up their account to auto-bill, and provide you with a steady income.

The third main type of customer is the one that wants to run a good website, and that maybe has some requirements such as a specific version of the GD image library, or a slightly higher than normal PHP Memory Limit. They want to know that the website they are running will be stable, and that they will be able to update the scripts they use on a regular basis. They don’t mind paying a little extra for stable, high performance and reliable hosting.

These customers are likely to be an easy sell for “VBulletin Hosting” or “OS Commerce Hosting” – packages that are slightly different to the ones that they normally run, and that cost slightly more, but that are updated regularly to make sure that they offer the best possible performance for that particular package.

A hosting company that puts their customers first and offers reliable, low hassle hosting that does the job for those users will get a lot of word of mouth advertising and will be in a good position to grow themselves as a prominent service provider in that particular niche. This is perhaps the best way to build up a good profit margin and a steady customer base.

How to Insert Media Files Into Your WordPress Account?

media button wordpress

Have you ever heard of the term blogging? Blogging is the act of writing a blog. With a blog, one can express their emotions, incredibly wonderful experiences, new extreme sport they’ve just tried, new restaurant they dined in, photos they have taken randomly but seem wonderful, etc. Also it builds social relations with their readers and other bloggers.

You might be wondering how to create a blog. Over the internet, there are a lot of websites offering you to create one for free yet the most known blogging website used today is the WordPress. Since WordPress is 100% free, it can be downloaded for self-hosted installations from WordPress.org or it can also be used as a hosted service via WordPress.com.

Furthermore, you can do a lot of things with WordPress, you can insert texts or even media – pictures, videos, etc. Now, are you wondering how to insert such media? Below are easy tips to help you insert media into your account.

media button wordpressFor you to be able to upload, manage, and insert images, and video directly from your post or page editing screen, you have to add this so-called Media button. With the Add Media button, you can easily add an image into a post or page by dragging and dropping your media files into the pop-up box. In addition, With the VideoPress upgrade, you can add video from your computer to your WordPress.com blog. Lastly, you can also use this button to create download links to documents.

Nevertheless, the following will take you step by step through the process of embedding media into your content.

Place your cursor
In order to embed media in your page or post content, you must first insert your cursor in     the place in the text where you want the media to appear. By placing your cursor within your text, you can embed media inline with your content.

Click the Add Media button
Once you’ve placed your cursor on the line where you want your media to appear, click on the Add Media button to launch the media uploader interface, then select the Insert Media     option from the list of actions in the left side of the media uploader window.

Add or Select Your Media
upload media wordpressYou can upload or select the media you want to add to your page or post by choosing from either of the following options in the center of the media uploader window:

Add Attachment Details
The Attachment Details pane displays a small preview or icon as well as important information such as the filename, date uploaded, and dimensions in pixels for image files or length for audio/video files.

Inserting Media
Once you have determined your embed settings, click on the Insert into post or Insert into page button at the bottom right to add the media. After the media uploader window closes, you will see themedia in the editor window.

There you have it. Now that you know how to insert media, go open your site and start blogging and uploading media.