Great musical offering for the Mutua Madrid Open

Apart from the best tennis in the world, the fans at the Magic Box between 2 and 11 May can enjoy daily live performances to make your experience a range of leisure activities.


Besides the best Tennis Bracelets and a large shopping and dining options, the Mutua Madrid Open 2014 will once again have a wide selection of musical performances that enliven your stay at La Caja Magica in all those who come to watch the tournament, which what part of the Madrid tournament known as Tennistainment.

The Right Ons and 84 are some of the groups spearheading a wide range of musical performances that will stretch through the tournament. The lounge Estrella Damm is the place to house along the Mutua Madrid Open all these concerts for the enjoyment of the spectators.

On Friday Jack Knife 2 is the group that will entertain the entire audience of The Magic Box, and the performance on Saturday 3rd day will be to the tune. On Tuesday, 6 have the presence of Suburbia, and will be on Wednesday 7th Verkeren The Magic Box, a Catalan trio quite traditional in the independent circuit risen from the ashes to Nanook. Already on Thursday May 8 will be the turn of The Right Ons. The Madrid rock band with three albums, has toured in countries like United States and Japan, and has performed in important festivals like Rock in Rio, Primavera Sound or Sonorama.

On Friday May 9 will be playing in the lounge of Estrella Damm Mirrors Frequency, one of the bands most talented national scene, who describes herself as a “band of electro-rock” and was rewarded by iTunes as Revelation Band 2014 . This concert series will conclude with a performance on Saturday, May 10 84 group, formed in 2005 and has opened for bands like Tequila, Sloth and Secrets.

In addition to these actions, the Estrella Damm lounge will continue to offer the best selection of musical hand some of the most prominent DJs in the country.

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